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Application for investment in compressed air network

Compressed air network investment for pressure reduction

This subsidy measure is aimed at companies with a stationary compressor and supports investment in the correct dimensioning of the compressed air network. The aim is to achieve the lowest possible pressure level in the network for better efficiancy.

  • If the tubes are too small, the pressure at the end users will be too low due to a high pressure drop. This leads to unnecessarilyhigh pressure setting at the compressor.
  • If there are consumers with power peaks, e.g. sandblasters, then this leads to periodic pressure drops and the pressure at the compressor is increased.
  • If the network is routed through outdoor areas or cold rooms, there is an increased probability that water will condense in the pipes and energy-intensive adsorption dryers will be used. This can be avoided with better pipe routing.
  • If the entire compressed air system for individual consumers is operated 24 hours a day at night, then more energy is required for leaks in the idle production areas.

This measure supports investment in compressed air networks which aim to reduce the pressure level or enable the entire compressed air network or parts of it to be shut down. The focus on efficiency is clearly in the foreground.

With various measures (tube enlargement and pipe routing, elimination of flexible lines, more efficient couplings and maintenance units, decentralised compressed air reservoirs, partial network shutdowns), an investment in the line network can reduce the compressed air requirement by 10-20%.

Not eligible for funding:

  • Repairs, replacement of individual components
  • Sealing of leakages
  • new pipes in new areas, if these do not relieve existing pipes (e.g. by contributing to an increase in cross-section or by connecting a star network to a ring network)

To receive the subsidy, please follow the steps below.

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