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Support programme

The buttons below contain information on the eligible measures.


Compressed air system

Compressed air drying

Compressed air network

Compressed air control

If the current and future electricity consumption is known, the application can be submitted.

With the compressed air calculator, the current electricity consumption as well as the possible savings can be calculated.

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Compressed air calculator

We are now accepting registrations for ProEDA4.

All funding from ProEDA3 is reserved. ProEDA3 grants remain reserved until 30.06.2022, i.e. the project should be implemented by then. For Cororna additional funding contributions, this deadline already applies until 30.04.2022.

General eligibility conditions
  • Grant application is made before order
  • Promotion of replacement or retrofitting
  • Maximum investment volume per property 300,000 CHF
  • Payback of measures longer than 4 years
  • Measures which are bindingly reflected in a target agreement or an energy audit are not eligible for funding