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Application for Compressor

Replacement of a single compressor

This subsidy measure is aimed at companies with one or two air compressors with a total capacity of 5 kW to 50 kW. Typically, the newer compressor is permanently in operation and the older compressor serves as a reserve. One compressor thus covers the entire compressed air requirement. However, these compressors do not usually have the most efficient drive technology and are usually too large. This leads to major inefficiencies.

With the use of a correctly sized and efficient compressor, savings of 10% or more are possible. The subsidy is based on the consumption calculation with the compressed air calculator. In case of small consumption DIRECTLY, or if there is a high compressed air demand, by ANALYSIS.

Minimum criteria Replacement compressor in case of subsidy DIRECTLY: at least IE3 motor, variable speed drive or intelligent load-idling control, direct drive from 18 kW. A maximum specific power value kW/(m3/min) (measured according to ISO1217 Annex C) must be undercut at the intended compressor capacity and pressure level. ProEDA3 maintains a list of eligible compressors.

To receive the subsidy, please follow the steps below.

To the compressed air calculator